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Across all four schools, arts play an essential role in a King’s Way Christian 学校 education. 


在小学,学生是 介绍艺术的基本原理. The goal of the 小学 creative arts program is to nurture each child’s creativity and install a sense of enthusiasm for the creative process. Students spend focused time in classes devoted to various visual and performing arts, and 图形艺术是课程的一部分.


中学美术 is designed to introduce students to the elements and principles of art and design. Along with a growing understanding of these basic fundamentals, students will explore how an artist’s creative endeavors are reflective of the nature of God. 作为万物的主宰创造者, God has provided us with an ethical framework in which to express ourselves in artistic and imaginative ways. Focus is placed on developing the ability to create using a variety of mediums, 作为回应上帝奇妙创造的一种方式. 艺术历史, 艺术欣赏, and critical thinking are integrated into each unit as well as an introduction to proper presentation etiquette and attention to detail. 

中学美术 & 蒸汽 

夫人. Martin has been sharing her love of God’s creation through artistic expression for the past seven years, most recently as the 中学美术 Teacher at King’s Way. While she finds joy in the process of most artistic mediums, her go-to tool in the art room is a very sharp pencil.

Earning her undergraduate degree from Western Oregon University, she is currently working on her Master’s (June 2020). 不断努力学习更多知识, she is an active Pro Member with the 艺术 of Education, completing extra training in the arts in effort to better the educational experience for her students. The guiding verse for her classroom is John 1:3, “for through God, all things are created.“夫人. Martin believes that our creativity is a gift to be cultivated.


King’s Way gives our students numerous opportunities to develop their God-given gifts through our 艺术 Program offerings. We feel that involvement in the fine arts is critical for academic, personal, and social development. Courses include: Visual 艺术, Ceramics, Graphic Design, 雕塑, and Printmaking. We show our students various styles and genres within each of these disciplines.

Our King’s Way 艺术 program includes a chance to help in a way that no other high school in the country can.  每年m8体育都会举办 Marcus Mariota Foundation’s My Cause My Cleats Contest. It gives every student a chance to create a pair of cleats to be worn in an NFL game that will then be auctioned off to raise money for amazing causes. King’s Way students through the My Cause My Cleats 比赛 have raised thousands of dollars for the ALS Therapy Research Institute, a company devoted to discovering and developing treatments for ALS, 以及田纳西河谷医疗保健系统, 纳什维尔的退伍军人医院. Our student’s gifts are truly helping the world we live in.

艺术不仅仅是一门选修课. It is essential in expanding self-expression, imagination, and creativity. 作为按上帝形象造的学生, we want them to recreate the love and beauty of the Master 艺术ist by developing and expressing their creativity through involvement in the arts. Our robust offerings and highly qualified teachers make this more than just a goal, 但在m8体育却成了现实.


  • 开始的艺术
  • 先进的艺术
  • 鞋的设计
  • 混合媒体课程
  • 平面设计
  • 各种绘画课程
  • 多种陶艺课程
  • 雕塑
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Our 高中美术 teacher make no secret of his love for athletics- and after the WNBA draft this year, Mr. Tigner got out his sketch pad and created a jaw-dropping portrait. 看!


贾斯汀 Tigner has been teaching art at King’s Way since the fall of 2016. He has expanded the art program from just two periods of general high school art in 2016 to six full periods of a broad array of offerings in just two years’ time.

Mr. Tigner has also brought his professional sports art background into his classroom. m8体育是……的故乡 马库斯·马里奥塔,我的事业,我的鞋 比赛. 学生有机会进行设计, 在纸上, a pair of cleats from which Marcus Mariota will choose to wear in the NFL’s week 13 game. Once the five finalists are chosen, those students are given a pair of Marcus’ cleats to hand paint. The winner of the hand-painted design will have their cleats worn in an NFL game.

在m8体育外. Tigner works with several athletes and charitable organizations in his free time donating his artwork to help raise money for amazing causes. He currently works with The Muscular Dystrophy Association, 动机基金会, 男孩女孩俱乐部, 和莱恩县的食物等等. 在过去, he has helped raise funds for The Ronald McDonald Houses of Portland and Southwest Washington, 布莱恩·格兰特基金会, 协助澳大利亚.

还有他的艺术课, he has been the head Boys Varsity Golf coach since 2018 and has been an assistant Varsity 男孩篮球 coach since 2016. He loves the relationships that he is able to build, 不只是在教室里, 而是在球场和球场上.

Mr. Tigner feels blessed and honored to be part of the King’s Way family.

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