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I work in fabric because I love the tactile sensations I get when I handle it.

I also don’t have to literally mix a palette of colors, they exist in my stash.

I do sometimes create my own colors by dyeing, painting or printing my fabric,

but I don’t have to do that if I don’t want to; I can buy commercially available


I began working with quilts, first bed quilts and then art quilts.  Sometime around 2001 my quilts started getting sheer fabrics added on to the tops.  Eventually, I thought I’d try to use only sheers and, since 2002, that’s the direction my work has taken.  Now that my work is almost exclusively sheer fabrics I find myself creating colors through the transparency of the fabrics.  This is a new and fun aspect to my work.

My pieces grow organically.  I rarely preplan them.  Sometimes they contain realistic elements and other times they are quite abstract.  The work itself dictates to my hands how the fabric should be cut and stitched.  These days my pieces are completely hand-stitched.  The stitching is a kind of meditation for me.

My work is often informed by the landscape, both the physical outer landscape and the psychological inner one.   


Golden Bees in My Heart


July, 2010 - I am now being represented by the Tappan Z Gallery in Tarrytown, NY.  Golden Bees in

My Heart (above) is one of the pieces on display there.



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