Gallery 1 - 1999-2001

This webpage is a gallery of images of mine, showing my collection of work between 1999-2001. For me, my art is something I love, maybe in the same way you like to bake cakes or play games of Cheeky Bingo.  I think when somebody is really passionate about something then it is really apparent in their work. I like to think that my art express a lot and is not just seen as an image with nothing behind it.

Using a quilt as the canvas is an interesting technique and one that isn't hugely common. I hope that you think it works well and that what I have created is complimented by using a quilt. In pictures of course you are unable to see the wonderful texture of these images but away from the digital world it really adds a whole new dimension to my pieces of art.

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Alaska Memory         Alaska Memory 2                  All the Pretty Fish       With Apologies to Alexander Calder                



Circling the Square         Color Study with Circles    Composition with Circles              Fire



Fire 2: Premonition of Disaster       Fire 3: Aftermath            Flow                                  Flow 2



Flow 3 with Glass           Could We All Please                     Rondo Squared               Winddancers

                                     Hang Up Our Cell Phones?                             


Seeing Red from Many Perspectives


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