Marni Goldshlag



I made my first quilt in 1975, but didn’t become seriously interested in the quilt as an art form until 1995. Beginning in 2001 I started painting canvas and using that in my quilts.  Soon after, I started adding sheer fabrics to my quilts and eventually I began to work almost exclusively with sheer and semi-sheer fabrics and my work became less quilt-like.

I have won awards in local quilt shows, my work has been exhibited in international quilt shows, I have had one and two person shows, and my work has been juried into many group exhibitions.

I have had many different careers ranging from college instructor in theatre to special education teacher to computer programmer to artist.  None have given me the kind of satisfaction I have felt since I began to make fiber art. 

I work in fabric because I love the tactile sensations I get from it.  I love the wide range of colors and patterns I can get from hand-dyed, painted, and commercially available fabric.  I have been inspired by the natural world around me and by my own internal landscape.  I usually work with curved shapes and lines. Each piece grows organically and most of the time surprises me before it is done.